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Program dovetailed with Trademark and Copyright owners

The goal of AAA is to increase unit sales of its clients and as such ensures that its anti-piracy program is aligned with the commercial goals of the trademark and copyright owners. This is accomplished through frequent meetings with the concerned companies and coordination of information and initiatives that are critical to a successful program. The AAA continuously reports the results of all successful raids and other anti-piracy activities to its clients to ensure that the program is aligned with their commercial focus.

Management of Copyright and Trademark infringement cases

Our fully dedicated operational staff continuously interfaces with the regimes in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman to facilitate effective enforcement of the copyright and trademark laws. All facets of piracy from duplication, distribution, and sales networks have been aggressively attacked. We are averaging 200 raids per month.

Campaigning for effective enforcement

At the regional level, AAA continues to lobby the federal authorities to ensure that there is an effective IPR regime in the region. It is through our efforts that systematic changes towards substantial improvement on the IPR regimes in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, by working closely with the local governments. Our efforts have achieved the following monumental accomplishments.

  • Achieved first ever judgment of imprisonment to a Saudi National in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for any IPR violations
  • Transparency achieved in Saudi Arabia and our legal counsel is able to be intricately involved with the Adjudication process
  • Ban in Saudi Arabia against unauthorized decoder boxes
  • Eradication of overt Street Vendor piracy in Saudi Arabia
  • Effecting raids against sources of piracy (homes and warehouses) within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Parallel importer sentenced to two month imprisonment by UAE Courts
  • Restricted Grey Market Piracy in the GCC countries
  • Routine deterrent penalties being meted in the UAE and Bahrain Courts

Training seminars

The AAA holds training seminars on effective copyright enforcement for those agencies charged with enforcement of the copyright and trademark law. The seminars ensure that the authorities receive the proper knowledge to effectively take action against piracy. We have traditionally discussed the background of the legitimate industry, method that the pirates duplicate and distribute illegal products into the market, and how to differentiate the legitimate product from the illegitimate product and the impact on the local market as a result of piracy.

Public relations program

The AAA institutes a public relations program to inform the public about copyright and trademark issues, increase pressure on the governments to provide effective protection and broadcast effective actions by the Government (effective raids and application of deterrent penalties) to warn other prospecting pirates.