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About Us

The Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance has become the leader in combating piracy within the GCC while becoming a specialized, highly successful business filling a unique and necessary niche in the market. While attorneys habitually charge monstrous hourly rates, we are able to service the same clients in a more efficient, cost effective, and more aggressive manner. While standard investigation companies stop at merely investigating, we not only investigate cases, but we manage until raid completion and offer a multifaceted approach to facilitate an effective regime. Over the last 17+ years we have become the leading service provider for the effective protection of rights holders IP at the most effective rate with an impeccable reputation. .

Our Team


Scott Butler
Chief Executive Officer

Scott is American and is the CEO & General Manager of the company. He has overall responsibility for entire company. Scott previously served ten years as a Major with the US Army Special Forces (aka “Green Berets”), had continuous 10 year command assignments and has completed three combat tours (Panama, Somalia and the Gulf). Scott received his Master’s from Thunderbird Graduate School and then established and managed the Motion Picture Association Middle East Operations. He established Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance in 2001 and Turkish Anti-Piracy Alliance in 2014.

Ola Khudair
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Ola is Jordanian and has been with the company for 17 years and manages the company during Scott’s absence. Ola is directly involved with lobbying the regional Arab regime for effective enforcement of the copyright and trademark laws. Ola is widely respected in the Arab region, has impeccable reputation amongst the authorities, USG and all clients. Ola has been awarded a plaque from the UAE Federal Ministry of Economy expressing their appreciation for her accomplishments.

Dinakar Shetty
Financial Manager

Dinakar is Indian, B. Com and MBA Finance from Manipal University, India. Working since 2008, handing financial accounting functions of the company, Major tasks include, improving quality of business controlling, audit management and re-establishing of integrity of financial processes. Actively involved in implementing performance based incentive schemes and business development, budget preparation, scenarios' working, sensitivity analysis, budgetary control, and information generation, opportunities identification included. He has one accountant working for him. He completes all financial transactions, financial statements, invoices, payables, manages cash flow, internal expenses and ensures a healthy and stable financial environment. He is doing a brilliant job and is widely respected amongst all accounts and all staff. He is also constantly advising the CEO, Deputy CEO and Regional Operations Manager on operational matters.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fahad Aofisan
Central Province Saudi Arabia Operational Manager (based in Riyadh)

Fahad is a Saudi National and manages all cases in the Central (Riyadh) Province of Saudi Arabia. He previously used to be a Microsoft employee and internally handled all of their IP infringement issues. He is arguably one of our best managers and has consistently produced excellent results. He has 5 operational staff working for him. We also have a fully dedicated lawyer in Saudi, Ali Alaarm.

Ahmed Khudair
Eastern Province Saudi Arabia Operational Manager (based in Dammam)

Ahmed is Jordanian and we recently transferred him from Dubai to Dammam to head up our Eastern Province Operations. He has a Saudi National, Saeed, and is currently recruiting & managing operational staff in Dammam.

United Arab Emirates

Hassan Bou Arab
UAE Operational Manager (based in Dubai)

Hassan, or Abu Arab, is a Syrian National and has responsibility for all retail and source raids for UAE. Abu Arab has an assistant, Wasim, who is also Syrian National. Abu Arab has 6 fully dedicated operational staff.


Khalid Abdul-Jaleel Khudair Ahmed Al Jasim
Kuwait Operational Manager (based in Kuwait)

Khalid is a Kuwait National and has responsibility for all raids in Kuwait.

Qatar, Bahrain, Oman

We service each of these markets through the UAE Operational Managers.

Turkey (Turkish Anti-Piracy Alliance)

Operational Manager Turkey (based in Istanbul)

Ugur Akbal has an incredible and vast experience with Turkish Police focusing on covert operations and extensive investigative and surveillance operations. His focus has been in combating hard core criminal activity including narcotics, organized crime, smuggling and fraud. In his career, he has served in different units of Istanbul Police Department and has managed respectable crime operations. Joined United Nations Mission in Kosovo as an Organized Crime Investigation officer. He concluded his career as Chief Superintendent, Chief of Police.