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The American Anti-Piracy Alliance

The American Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA) has effectively become the leading service provider in combating piracy in the GCC. We provide a specialized and comprehensive anti-piracy program that aggressively combats piracy in a multi-pronged approach. It is through our successful efforts that stakeholders’ profitability is protected, brand imaging is preserved, and investments are safeguarded. Our effective programs work and are in high demand as evidenced by the rapidly growing list of clients which have also been maintained through the many years. We have 44 fully dedicated staff with operations in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam), Kuwait and coverage of Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. The American Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA) evolved from the comprehensive anti-piracy program that was established by the Motion Picture Association in 1996.


Program dovetailed with Trademark and Copyright owners

Anti-piracy program to be aligned with the commercial goals of the trademark and copyright owners.

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Management of Copyright and Trademark infringement cases

Utilize information from various sources and forward to applicable branches of the Government.

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Campaigning for effective enforcement

Close liaisons with the leadership of the country to help ensure effective enforcement of the copyright and trademark law.

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Training seminars

Holds training seminars on effective copyright enforcement for the agencies charged with enforcement of the copyright and trademark law.

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Public relations program

To inform the public about copyright and trademark issues, support the governments to provide effective protection.

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